Seriously, I wanna make my own YouTube channel and make whispered spoken word videos. I think I have the voice and I definitely have the material. There’s this wonderful whispering community (ASMR) on YouTube it’s a bit odd at first but when you listen to them with headphones on it’s sensational and relaxing like no kidding! Probably the oddest thing I do is listen to people whispering… and the tingles you get my god it’s ear-gasmic!

  1. seeyouinjune said: snhvaiwbw I LOVE ASMR VIDEOS!!! DOOOO IT!!! : D
  2. toastingbreadat4 said: Do!
  3. yourlittlekraken said: May I ask for a link or a sample of these whispering spoken videos? This is the first time I’ve heard of them and I’m quite interested.
  4. perceptualvigilance said: Yes!
  5. neverendingsleeplessness said: That sounds amazing!
  6. igotmyfingeronthetrigger said: yes! do it and share it with all of your followers :) i’m so curious to listen to it now!
  7. isantbell said: sounds interesting lol