1. perrares answered: ><
  2. wearethelatebloomers answered: I used to collect those Sobe bottle tops - the ones w/ all the weird sayings on them. But now they just recycle the old ones.
  3. mrs-yuck answered: vintage clothes
  4. jam-moore answered: Vinyl Records
  5. mrstereophoniex answered: bottles.
  6. takingmychancesonleaving answered: Vinyl, cool artsy vases, and I have two goldfish
  7. shellysongbird said: Sea shells
  8. karelphotogallery answered: giraffes
  9. rainbow-spaghetti answered: Cool soda cans. It started in the 2008 olympics, when they released all of those special edition ones. I’ve made them into pencil holders.
  10. thebookyouneverread answered: Scars. Spoons from other places. Music.
  11. intricatelovee said: Fortune cookie paper things haha :P
  12. truly-alive-and-captivating answered: memories
  13. songofgallifrey answered: autographs
  14. thelyreoforpheus answered: Coins,
  15. normanreedus-in-a-onesie answered: i collect (not quite cool) but the size stickers off clothing. I tape them on my bedroom door..i am weird
  16. teaandsucculent answered: I collect postcards :) what do you collect?
  17. katiemacd answered: Words.
  18. snippets-of-em said: pebbles, keys, fans, maps, bells, small bits of metal, anything which catches my eyes and keeps it…
  19. snippets-of-em answered: pebbles, bells, keys, fans, maps…
  20. interessemessen answered: old loveletters from strangers that I found in second hand shops.
  21. bookgirl46 answered: Recipes.
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    this is a tough question.
  23. bazoubella answered: Coins „
  24. waitingforbrice answered: hoodies from different cities
  25. tschewe answered: owls, lighthouses, angels
  26. theadventuresofholmesandwatson answered: Owls
  27. just-a-hopeless-wanderer answered: I go looking for fossils and native american artifacts:) What do you do? by the way I love your posts:)
  28. the-antlered-doe answered: Painted ponies :)
  29. breakinganarchy answered: Dolls.
  30. erica-ecrivait answered: Postcards! I guess it’s not that cool… but it’s what I do. :)
  31. mobywhite answered: Ugly/tacky sweaters and odd/tacky mugs. I also like collecting local band posters that I find pinned up around my town.
  32. aridogood answered: I love collecting comics (but that may go under books), and I collect hats
  33. ironicallysmitten answered: Bouncy balls, pine cones, magnetic poetry, fantasy figurines (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.)
  34. pashayerr answered: empty bottles of holsten =))
  35. dreamingmappist answered: postcards, letters and rubber stamps. I used to collect brooches & foreign coins.
  36. nayaab-hen-hum answered: love letters :P
  37. shubeyd answered: Music lol
  38. reeditando answered: canecas.
  39. starlingwings answered: stones.
  40. starsandamorphinetoast answered: I collect seashells and records. Records all particularlly interestubg to collect.
  41. redbirdxlll said: Cat’s whiskers
  42. moominprincess said: Cats.
  43. rallechsmoroni answered: coins of other currency
  44. dreamsherselfalive answered: Wade Whimsies figurines
  45. shotgunbonita answered: Music :D